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Privacy Policy


In a nutshell, the site collects just the data needed to

  • personalize your visit

  • register for or buy products or services, if any are offered

  • understand how you are exploring the website content. 



Cookies are small text files that collect and identify your device. Among the handy features provided by cookies is remembering your device so you don’t have to log in every time you want to do something that requires you to be logged in (e.g., leave a blog post comment). Cookies are also used to gather data on browsing behavior. These cookies are set by Analytics providers; I currently use Google Analytics. If you don’t like cookies you can turn them off through the settings on your device or you can access the site with your system’s private browsing feature (Incognito with Chrome, Private Browsing in Safari, etc).

Account Registration

Personal Information is usually collected during account registration. This information is used to inform you about requested products and services, ensure data accuracy, and fulfill service requests. Rest assured, I do not share this information with other organizations or businesses except as needed to fulfill service requests.

Confidentiality and Data Safeguards of Your Personal Information

Any collected Personal Information is safeguarded with physical, electronic, and procedural measures to prevent unauthorized access. This is often handled by third party service providers, for example, a payment processor or an email service provider. Limited access is granted to employees for service provision. Your Personal Information may be shared with affiliates and disclosed with your consent or as required by law or applicable privacy regulations, such as enforcing our rights in agreements or transactions.

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